from nature

to stone.

Our homes mean more to us now than ever before. Aspire to beauty, style and serenity in your sanctuary safe from the world with Lavistone’s 7 new release designs. Whether your taste is classic, contemporary or minimalist, these Lavistone creations will rejuvenate both you and your home.

LS501 Albero

Classic and inimitable

The Calacatta marble is and always will be admired and cherished.

LS479 Auricfino

The prestige of a precious material at the level of art and design starts out from its origins and specific composition.

inspired by nature

Classical Calacatta

The pale white background with distinctive marked veining in a wide range of colours, nuances and subtones establish dialogue with almost any style of furnishing and design. The nobility and luxury of Calacatta are the protagonists of this style that creates elegant, timeless spaces.

The soul of this design is deeply planted, the light grey veins branching out and spreading life across the white terrain, flourishing in any interior.  

Classically elegant, the flowing golden veins steaming cross the white base encapsulates versatility as warmth and cool are equally represented. The spirit of the renaissance resurges in this timeless design.

LS462 Pure Concrete

Cutting edge


Audacious and aesthetic, these striking designs command attention.

LS555 Cloudus

Innovative techniques

At the heart of these new creations is the experimentation with innovative techniques and play on colours and shapes. 

LS491 Portland

Live boldly and opt for adventure with these original and inspiring designs in your home.

This minimalist design delivers unadulterated modern sophistication. The simplicity encased in grey perfectly offsets an industrial urban interior.

Reminiscent of a cloudy horizon, dense with layer upon atmospheric layer. Bright but mysterious, transparent yet impenetrable, hazy whilst revealing glimpses of light.

Scattered across the dual tone background, the flowing veins, both subtle and dramatic, spark life whilst creating a striking surface.

LS438 River Drift

Beauty in Simplicity

Experience a pure form of elegance in your home with designs ingrained in simplicity. 

The subtle light grey veins from this design are like exquisite shadows gracefully gliding against the dazzling white base, bringing to your home a perfect harmony of grace and strength.

Dispersed through the natural white base, delicate grey veining cluster to form bold chains that interlock and interweave into the design. Subtle or bold, it is all in the eye of the beholder.