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Product and Application

What is Lavistone?

Lavistone is home to the finest quality engineered stone in Australia. Lavistone is made up of over 85% natural quartz and contains polymer resins and pigments. With strict manufacturing standards and innovative designs, Lavistone delivers on both style and quality.

How durable is Lavistone?

Quartz is one of the hardest materials in nature. It is scaled 7 in Mohs Hardness Test. Lavistone is resistant to stain, water, scratches, chips and chemicals. However, Lavistone is for interior application only. It is tough but not indestructible, excessive heat, weight and chemicals may permanently damage the surface.

Please see our Care and Maintenance Guide for more information.

What are the advantages of Lavistone compared to natural stones?

Lavistone outperforms natural stones in the following aspects:

  1. Durability – a prominent advantage of Lavistone is that it is a non-porous material, which perfectly fits into home settings as it is less likely to grow mould and bacteria. There is no need to polish or seal Lavistone surfaces.
  2. Low maintenance – Lavistone products are easy to maintain. For everyday cleaning, simply use a damp cloth, with warm water and pH neutral cleaning products to make it look like new.
  3. Design – Lavistone is committed to research and development, and devoted to using innovative technology to create different designs that suit varied tastes.
  4. Value for money – Lavistone is very affordable and has 5 price ranges to suit every budget. Lavistone’s 5 price ranges are: Home Range, Stylish Series, Premium Edition, Lifestyle Collection and Dream Journey.

Can I fabricate a Lavistone product by myself?

Lavitone products should only be fabricated and installed by qualified and licensed stonemasons. Otherwise, the 10-year limited warranty does not apply.

Where in my home can Lavistone be applied to?

Lavistone is an ideal option to use in both kitchen and bathroom settings due to its durability and water resistance characteristics.


Due to it being stain, water and scratch resistant, Lavistone is perfectly suited to the kitchen setting. Lavistone is compliant with International Health and Safety Foundation sanitary standard NSF51 and Green Guard certifications which guarantee that its quartz-based surfaces are safe for use in all food environments.


Many people choose to use the same Lavistone surface for splashback and benchtop to create continuity, making the kitchen look more unified and harmonious. In order for Lavistone to be used as splashback behind cooktops, there are some specific requirements to be met:

  • Electric cooktops - it is required to have a minimum of 60mm gap from the back edge of the electric cooktop to the Lavistone splashback.
  • Gas cooktops - According to the AS/NZS 5601 Gas Installations standards, to use Lavistone as a splashback, you need to meet the requirement of a minimum 200mm gap from the edge of the gas burner to the Lavistone splashback.


Lavistone is suited for use in bathroom settings as it is non–porous and anti-microbial, minimising the likelihood of mould and bacteria growth.

Where in my home can’t Lavistone be applied to?

Lavistone is a product designed for interior use only. We do not recommend you to use Lavistone for the following settings:

Outdoor area

It is not recommended to use Lavistone in an outdoor setting as exposure to direct sunlight or weather elements may result in a colour change or damage over time. The 10-year warranty does not apply for damages and defects when the product is used for any exterior applications.


We do not recommend the use of Lavistone as flooring. Using it as flooring is not covered by our 10-limited warranty.

BBQ area

Make sure the surface is not exposed to flame or excessive heat while using Lavistone around a BBQ area. If Lavistone is used in an outdoor setting, it is not covered by the Lavistone 10-year warranty.

Purchase and Pricing

Can I purchase my Lavistone based on the brochure photo or small sample?

Lavistone is made from natural materials, therefore, variations in pattern, colour or shade within or on the surface of the slabs may occur. Brochure photos and small sample are indications and only show small part of the full slab. We highly recommend you to come to our showroom to view the full slab before finalising your decision. You are also welcome to bring in samples of your panel, tile etc. to find the perfect match for your home décor.

Do all Lavistone products cost the same?

To provide you with the best value, we offer 5 price ranges comprising of different colours, patterns and textures to suit various design needs and budgets. These 5 series are: Home Range, Stylish Series, Premium Edition, Lifestyle Collection and Dream Journey.

Can Lavistone provide a quotation direct to the customer?

Lavistone is strictly a wholesaler. We do not provide quotes to individual customers or sell directly to the public. You can obtain a quote from a local stonemason, cabinet makers or kitchen retailer.

Care and Maintenance

How should I clean my Lavistone surface?

Lavistone products are easy to maintain. For everyday cleaning, simply use a damp cloth with warm water and pH neutral cleaning products to make it look like new. Lavistone products do not require polishing or sealing to maintain its glossy finish and smooth surface, as it is a non-porous product.

Can Lavistone withstand heat?

Although Lavistone has a high level of heat resistance, the surface can be damaged due to rapid heat changes or thermal shock. It is strongly recommended that hot pots, plates, frying pans, oven trays and the like are placed on a heat trivet or wooden chopping board rather than directly on the Lavistone surface.

Can I cut on my Lavistone surface?

It is recommended that you avoid using sharp implements on the Lavistone surface to avoid damage. We recommend that food be prepared on appropriate cutting boards or plates rather than directly on any Lavistone surface to avoid damage to both the surface of your benchtop and your kitchen implements or appliances.

Do I need to apply a sealer to my Lavistone surface?

Lavistone is non-porous product that requires no sealing or waxing.

How do I look after my Lavistone product with matt and textured finish?

While matt and textured finish products have the same high performance as polished collections, they have a lower polish level, which means more frequent cleaning maybe required to maintain the appearance. We recommend that you clean stains and spills immediately, and only use a fresh or clean cloth that has been thoroughly washed as oil or other containments may be transferred to the surface.

Do Lavistone products come with a warranty?

Lavistone provides a 10-year limited warranty on manufacturing defects. This warranty is available to the original purchaser of the Lavistone product for a period of 10 years from the date the product is installed, provided the product has been installed and used under certain conditions. Please click here to see the Lavistone Warranty Guide.

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