Meet the 2021 Collection with 20+ new colours added in our colour palette. 

Explore the abundance of possibilities presented in our extensive range and discover a stone that is as individual as you.

Our world abounds with awe-inspiring sights, majestic oceans, imposing mountains, cascading waterfalls, pristine forests, tranquil lakes…

The Lavistone Dream Journey collection is inspired by some of the most breathtaking destinations around the globe. Here, the art and soul of natural wonders are integrated into our designs and planted into the heart of your home. Experience the restorative effects of being in nature without leaving your home. Slow down in your sanctuary and the mundane pressures of the daily grind. With Dream Journey, quench your wanderlust, traverse the globe and voyage to your secret paradise.


Embark on your Dream Journey with Lavistone.

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Lavistone Whitehaven
Lavistone Aoraki Lago
Lavistone Misty Stanton

Dream Journey

A series of unique designs exclusive to Lavistone. Inspired by the miraculous beauty of natural wonders, giving you the illusion that you have arrived at your dream destination.

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Lavistone Concrete Rock
Lavistone Aoraki Lago
Lavistone Milto Dusk